Friday, October 30, 2009

I am off!

sadly when I say this most of my friends and colleagues say that they knew it already. But what I mean is I got lucky for the long weekend? Nope I did not find a pretty female who find a broad minded and even a broader waisted married man attractive. On Monday I suddenly discovered that the coming weekend was a long weekend and I thought it would be a good time to take the family for a holiday. But it seems unlike me many people had being aware of the long weekend long before me. It goes without saying that all the decent places and even the expensive places were booked. I just thought I would try my luck at the wild life department and see if there was a remote chance that a bungalow in one of the parks was available. The first day I called I missed Ruwan the amiable boy who handles the bookings both in the morning and the evening. He was having breakfast at around nine-ish and was off for the day at around fourish! He he as they say it is always good to work in the government sector. Finally on the next day I manged to get through to him and he tells me in a you should have known better than to call at the last minute voice that no bungalows are available. Of course I already knew it. Then suddenly I remembered about a new bungalow which had opened up in Lunugamwehera national park which people were saying was over priced by the usual standards of the wild life department. And to my amazement he said it was available. I was overjoyed. I thanked him profusely and said I will take it and promptly booked it. To be honest it is not that expensive compared to rates charged for the hotels. If you can call 1000/- bucks a head to live amidst the best of nature. I have heard that this bungalow is amazing. Sadly it is so new that I have not met anyone who has experienced it. But Saturday morning I am off with the family and some close friends for two nights and three days of absolute bliss peace and quiet in elephant country. The Galvehara bungalow in Lunugamwehera will be our abode. I do hope it lives up to its expectations. Will keep you posted how it is when I come back. But I cant wait for tomorrow :)

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ViceUnVersa said...

So how was it? Waiting to see pix.