Monday, October 5, 2009

“For the greater good instead of personal glory?”

I am sure these simple words would sound Greek especially to the people who are at the helm of our country. In fact if I had the misfortune of uttering these words in front of someone from the military they would be looking at me and rolling their eyes and mocking me by turning the hand around head with a finger pointed upwards implying that I am mad. Guess it would be better than being shot. But what really got my goat was seeing a sign on the road which said road open only for residents. Yes these are bi roads connecting to Baudhaloka Mawatha. And the reason why these roads are closed yet again is because of another military exhibition. The 60th Anniversary of the army. I knew this would result in chaos. And predictably it did with snarling traffic jams around my office during the early afternoon when the school traffic was at its peak.

I was just thinking to myself what about the lost productivity? What about all the fuel which is burned while the cards are idling as they crawl forward. And I realized that no one in the government gives a damn! They never did and they will. Why should they?

They don’t have to pay for anything. Just enjoy being driven around in their escorts whilst us normal people stew in the traffic. And if they need another couple of million for an additional few BMWs they could always raise taxes. After all it doesn’t tax ones conscience (and intelligence) to do so when it is not affecting you.

I am all for the forces. I think they deserve to be felicitated and they need their hour of fame. But look at it who is really basking in the glory? Not the military. Other then a few of the big wigs it is actually the politicians once again edging the military away; pushing them into the shadows and stepping into the lime light.

Just a foot note I thought the picture of our President looking at the picture of the dead Prabhakaran and gloating over it was in very bad taste. Being
humble in defeat and gracious in victory” could be another axiom they might not have heard.

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