Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leave me alone? A tirade against sampling and direct marketing at supermarkets.

I have always dreamed about some young lasses chasing me like that axe commercial with the Amazonian ladies in bikinis. But I never thought that this would literally happen to me in a super market. Keels Narahenpita to be precise. But my experience was not such a good one.

The main point of my irritation was the sampling operations which were being carried out. Firstly these buggers who do sampling think that they should have blaring loud music to create the much needed “excitement”! And this day fortunately the music was not too loud. Of course one reason was during the time I was spending at the Supermarket two calypso players were serenading the audience who quite bluntly ignored it all and went about their business. Anyway I was approached by four people trying to hustle me some stuff. And one young lady even tried to sell me Ponds miracle anti aging cream? Ok I know my I have more gray hairs than I should either she was being quite optimistic or absolutely desperate or a bit of both. Anyway having to tread wearily looking surreptitiously around to avoid yet another “promoter” beaming in on you is no fun. In fact it makes me wish that I could go back to my corner grocery shop. At least I won’t get harassed. And as if to push me back into the arms of the not so friendly mudalali and to add insult to injury they had charged me the price of broccoli for my cauliflower.

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