Thursday, March 25, 2010

What kind of Corn is Akon?

So suddenly we of the Sri Lankan public have another person of ill repute competing for our attention including Merv the Perv and such others. And just like poor fonny Akon has been made out to be a bad guy by the media hype created by the government. To many people who are not familiar with the weired names of western musicians pronouncing the artists name can be quite problematic. I was walking around the office and saw this press cutting pasted on a wall and thought it is worth sharing. I am saddened by what happened. I think the main reason they denied Akon the visa was because Y FM was the media sponsor. I just wish that the president has intervened and stopped such foolishness like he did when the Swiss journalists whose visa was cancelled because she asked embarrassing questions during the Presidential Elections. I think the misguided and selfish actions of our leaders have clustered us along with the pariah states like Burma Iran and Cuba. I for one don't like being considered a pariah.