Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sometimes it is the little things which count.

You step out of the house looking forward to a delightful evening. By the beach with your family enjoying the company of friends you have not met in a long time the wind blowing in your hair the sand under your feet enjoying the Delicious food which is being served. But your children don't share the same vision. They sit down quietly for fifteen minutes like angels. Then they get restless and decide to play cops and robbers. The fact that their are other people in the restaurant to enjoy a quiet evening is incidental. They just serve as nice objects to hide behind and move around. You are not in a position to have that good chat with your friend you have been looking forward to? In fact you have to spend your time chasing behind the kids from table to table. The food is getting cold. And worse of all you know you are disturbing the other diners. You can feel them staring daggers at you behind you back wishing they could just switch you off like they would switch off a TV. The evening you looked forward to so much is suddenly turning out to be a nightmare. But all of a sudden you see the staff of the restaurant noticing your plight taking the kids off your hands. They keep the kids occupied. Play with them even though they have a restaurant full of hungry diners to look after. You are able to enjoy your dinner and the company and make a decent night of it after all.
This is a true story of what happened at Loon Tao a couple of months back when my friend C took some friends from abroad their.
This was discusses when myself and C and AJ were having dinner a couple of days ago and the service had been exceptionally good and friendly. Even though we wanted to try a different and new dinner experience that day we finally chose the assured quality of food and service of Loon Tao opposed to the unknown.
I am just making this post as a tribute to all those people who work at Loon Tao who go out of their way to make it a worthwhile place to keep coming back on and on.

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