Monday, March 8, 2010

The unholy christian...

It was a beautiful Sunday morning I was trying to find a parking spot down a side road of Kirimandala Mawatha near Peoples Church where I worship every Sunday. With a congregation of nearly 10,000 people who worship in three back to back services there was hardly a spot to be found. Infact I had to drive way down the lane and turn back after going a couple of hundred meters down the road when I saw a free parking spot. I was just about to turn in when someone came in and blocked me and it seemed about to take my place. But he could not turn in without me taking my vehicle out. So we were both stuck. And waiting for the other one to give way.
I looked at who was driving this car and it was someone I knew. He was a senior elder of the church and one of the last people I expected to behave in such an inconsiderate and bullying manner. In fact this guy has come to my office to work on some projects. Anyway I let him have the parking slot as he was after all an elder of the church. (Though he was behaving like a kid in this situation). But I think I had the last laugh as I was driving away a security guard on duty found me a parking slot right next to the church whilst the other gentleman had quite a long walk from where he parked. Sometimes it pays to give way even if you are being wronged.

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Scrumps said...

I think sometimes elders feel as though their age gives them a right to do things that would be considered wrong if a younger person were to do it!