Saturday, March 13, 2010

No sex please I am a virgin (and proud of it)!

Well one would have thought that these words might have sprung out from the lips of a sweet innocent female. Nope you are wrong. It was from a guy someone who makes all the ladies weak in the knees everywhere he goes. I know this for sure because I see it hap penning every time he visits my office.
I was having dinner with him and another dear friend at Loon Tao just the other day and amidst the cool beer and hot buttered cuttle fish with the sound of crashing waves gently serenading us on a warm and humid night this story unfolded about a girl. An Eurasian lady who is drop dead gorgeous who could not believe that my friend did not want to make use of a lovely body which was offered to him on a platter.
My friends religious beliefs are such that they do not believe in sex before marriage and it is a principle which he upholds very strongly.
Now I know many (including me) would find it impossible to resist the advances of a woman on full seduction mode. But my friend is made of sterner stuff and did not crack under pressure. And the more he resisted the more she wanted him but finally decided to let go when she realized that there are somethings even a charm assault cannot crack.
I know many would find this humorous but I have nothing but sheer admiration for someone with such self control.