Saturday, March 20, 2010

The time wasters!

Sadly every country has them but it seems the business community in sri lanka has more than most. Recently I had to encounter such a bunch much to my bad luck. What made it worse was the owner was a personal friend of mine. The company concerned is the largest retailer in men's wear. We went for many meetings over a period of three months. Each round trip consisting of over forty kilometers and what was worse was consuming nearly three hours of time. We did at least six creative campaign ideas as the client changed his mind from using cricketer as a model to a normal guy. After going back and forth many times we finally froze on a route. The sigh of relief we heaved was short lived when they started bargaining with us on cost at half of what we quoted. Finally we gave in once they threatened to do the campaign in house as we had already incurred the front end development cost which is the most expensive and this way we could reduce our losses. But then they say nope we have already done it in house and don't need your stuff anymore. Sadly there was nothing we could do about it other than lick our wounds and hope that one day they would get punished for their lack of consideration. Sometimes I wonder how these people stay in business?

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