Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dyening at the Mango Tree.

Now The Mango Tree was one of the few restaurants which has evaded my path for some unknown reason. Maybe it was the fact that someone told me that the staff was snooty and had an take it or leave it attitude since the restaurant was so popular. Also my desire for Indian food was adquately sated by Amrit Masala and Amaravathi therefore I really did not have a need to patronise another Indian restaurant.
Anyway finally many years after it was open I visited Mango tree with my brood as I was invited for lunch by RS. One thing which really struck me was the chic decor. It was refreshing to see a indian restaurant without an Indian theme in the decor. Also what was lovely were the mocktails. They were reasonably priced and absolutely delicious. And I would love to go there just to sample more of them once more. I had something called December Rain which was tangerine and mint was lovely and refreshing and kids loved their paradise island which was strawberry slush and well presented.
The food was as expected it was good spicey tasty and it seemed full of dye.
Once I finished eating I looked at my fingers and it was that awful tandoori orangish red. Now the bowls of water they bring to wash the fingers have very little water and I thought this could be the reason why my hands were not getting cleaned properly. So I went to the toilet and washed. No luck. On my way home I went to office and washed still no luck throughout the day and night I have been washing my hands like a maniac. But 24 hours later as I sit and type this my right hand has stii a faint orange glow around the fingers and still smells of Indian Food. Now I have eaten quite a lot of this Indian stuff in my life and this is the first time I had such a lasting problem in my hands. Pun intended. I was thinking to myself imagine if my hand was like this I would hate to think what my insides would be like.
On the brighter side if in the coming elections they run out of those indelible markers which they use to mark the fingers all they need to do is order some chicken tikka from the Mango Tree.

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santhoshi said...

The food is tasty but that strong colour is such a killer. I have told them many times u dont need the colouring cause the taste is there but they still keep dumping them by the bucket loads.