Monday, March 8, 2010

Cruelty to Humans in modern marketing communicatons!

This has been a subject which has been irking me for many years and I had always wanted to make a mental note about it. But never got down to it till yesterday when my wife told me how sorry she felt for the people who were walking around wearing large Etisalat logos in town. That galvanized me into finally writing this post.
It seems the newest fad in the marketing community is BTL activation. And while some activation ideas are really good -to be honest nothing comes to mind of what I consider good - other activation ideas actually make me shudder.
For instance when Dialog had people dressed up as umpires miming actions of fours and sixers or Keells super having kids seated around popular junctions carrying signs saying lower than the lowest prices or odel having people dressed in white coats dripping with sweat and dust by evening. These are just a few of the examples which come to mind.
To me some of these ideas not only insult the intelligence I believe they exploit the people who take part in these things because of the lack of money. It is not morally right. I seriously wish that sanity would prevail.

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