Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well Done Jeff!!!

So finally you did it. Or was it rather a case of it happened.

Sure the academy panel had ignored you for many years but I on the other hand new you were going to be my fav male actor the moment I saw your performance many moons back in “The fisher king”. You made my cry in “Against all odds” whilst making me laugh like a hyena and wish I was stoned while watching the “The big lebowzki”. But every movie I saw you in was wonderful. Yes every one of them. Watching you perform was like looking at the parts of a well oiled machine working in harmony.

I did not know that you had been married for over 30 years till the Oscar awards. And I am sure it is not because you were unable to pull in the chicks. Could it be because you did not want to? Or was it rather that you made sure the wife (and the media) did not know. Whatever it is knowing these facts made you go one notch higher in my esteem.

Yes It was a long wait and I am sure it must have hurt to see when people less senior and of lesser talented than you get what you so richly deserved. But now you too have an Oscar under your belt. Congratulations!!!!

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