Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The law of attraction!

To some this is hocus pocus and gobbeldy gook whilst to others this is the holy grail.

I bumped onto this subject completely by accident. But when I looked below the surface I realized that there is an entire industry which is thriving around this culture. Yes it can be called a culture of its own.

I just wanted to write about the “Law of attraction” and share it with you because firstly I believe in it and secondly after reading some of the angst outlined in some of my regular haunts I know this is going to help you without a doubt.

So the basic principle of the law of attraction is “What you think is what you get”

For instance if we are thinking about our debt we get more debt if we are thinking about war we experience more war or if we are thinking about how fat we are then we end up getting fatter.

The principles of the law of attraction are outlined in the popular movie called “The Secret” which is also available as a book and a audi book. But there are hundreds of books on the subject and one of the most popular being “The power of the subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy.

The basic key is not to have negative thoughts and always focus on the aspects of your life which you are grateful for? So instead of thinking of reducing debt think of increasing income, instead of thinking anti war think of pro peace and instead of thinking of how to get rid of fat think about being thin. It is difficult at first but once you start realizing that you are dwelling on negative thoughts then automatically you tend to check yourself.

When I look at Sri Lanka where every person’s life is always focusing on the negative I think this kind of thinking would do wonders for everyone. Just to prove my point if you ask someone in Sinhalese How is life you are assured that 99.9% of the time they will say “Waradak ne” or (“Nothing wrong”)

I also found that there are references to the law of attraction in the bible. It seems I have stumbled across the solution to all the problems of mankind.

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bodyshop said...

By nature we all know the secret but dont possess the will to practice it. dotn you think?