Monday, January 25, 2010


It was another beautiful morning… I had just finished my workout at the gym and was about to head to my vehicle when a long legged beauty siddled up to me and said “I was at temple trees last night” and lashed his eye lashes ever so beautifully. Nope that was not a typo but the person I am talking about is part of the fashion glitterati of the city and has the skin and figure any woman would die for. He is actually quite a nice and friendly guy prone to bouts of bitchiness like all good gay men should be. Anyway it turns out that he had the honor of being invited to dinner at temple trees and addressed by the few so called intellectuals in the current regime as he was a member of the Young professionals association. Of course good old MR had not made his presence felt as I am sure he would have felt like a square peg in a round hole after all these were not professional bull shitters like his usual cronies and hangers on. At least so I thought. The Young professionals had been addressed by the likes of GL Piries the Governor of the Central Bank and the ghoulish chairman of the BOI Dhammika Perera. Well I was about to roll my eyes and do my “Wow you are so much higher than me in the human species” number when he said “I went with Malaka you know”…. Yes Malaka the proud fruit of the loins of Merv the perv though not as bad as the dad as quite a reputation for skullduggery of his own. I just could not help looking up at the heavens above and wondering what on earth this world has come to. Is our country one of the few places where a professional thug and drug peddler is allowed to take part in such a forum? Or is it that we are so broad minded we even consider people who resort to such unsavory acts as professionals too?

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