Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Morbid... images from kanatte

I was at a funeral at Kanatte today and could not help noticing that the light was beautiful and perfect for taking some pictures. Sadly the only camera I had was on my phone so I just took some time to while away the boredom of the funeral service.... The quality is pretty bad but I just played around with it some on picasa just to make it look better than the actually shite it was looking like. Though I succeeded I do not know guess it is what you think that counts!


Dee said...

i luv the kanatte. specially the very old dutch/british marble statue areas and the trees :) is this borella?
gorgie pics!

cj said...

Hi Dee this was borella... I did not realize this till sometime back but Kanatte is the name of the Borella Cemetery you know like MC or LP but over the years it has become the term of reference for any cemetery (instead of Mini Pittiniya) where ever it maybe. Like in the good old days when I was young where Lakspray was a generic word for milk powder. And even today certain people refer to a mobile as a celltell. He he thought you might be interested in a little bit of trivia which will really serve no useful purpose I can think of.
But I do share your fascination for cemeteries it has a morbid or eerie beauty which really draws me and fascinates me. I am seriously thinking of going to the kanatte with my proper camera and trying a few pics.

Dee said...

cool :)