Friday, January 1, 2010

How Gullible Can people be or should I title this article The Foolishness of Instant Romance?

I was just glancing through the Daily Mirror this morning and this article caught my attention. Made me wonder what this country is coming to and ask the question can people be this gullible?

I am reproducing the article below with full credits to Sunil De Silva of the Daily Mirror just in case the link does not work in the future:

One night stand man arrested
By Sunil De Silva

A married man who cheated a young woman on the promise of marrying her and fled with her jewelry after spending a day with her at a hotel was taken into custody by the Weligama police. The victim from Hikkaduwa was on her way to the Karapitiya Hospital to obtain treatment for a heart ailment.

The suspect who met her at the Galle bus stand got friendly with her and when she disclosed her illness to the suspect, the latter told her that he was a Naval Rating attached to the Galle Naval Base and that he was looking for a poor young woman for marriage and promised to marry her soon.

He accompanied her to Karapitiya Hospital and even paid for the drugs he bought from a private pharmacy to build up confidence with the unsuspecting woman. When they returned to the Galle bus stand the suspect had lured her into going with him to a hotel in Weligama to talk freely about their future plans.

After spending the day with her at the hospital he requested her to part with her gold chain and the bangles as a souvenir to which the gullible girl had gladly obliged. When they returned to Galle the suspect had left the victim at the Railway station and left with the promise of returning back in a short while after drawing his salary from the Naval Base to go with her to meet her parents.

However, when the suspect did not return she had gone back to the hotel where they had spent the day and obtained the suspect’s name and identity card number, from the register of room bookings and made a complaint to the Weligama Police.

HQI Weligama Mahesh Kumarasinghe immediately deployed Sergeant 51939 Sumanasena and PC 16030 Vipul to investigate the matter. During their investigations they arrested the suspect and recovered the jewelry that had been pawned for Rs.38, 000. The suspect was produced before the Matara Magistrate and remanded.

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Sarah Fisher said...

I am glad that the police took the woman seriously and worked to help her find justice. I am sure that she has learned a lesson. "once bitten, twice shy."