Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interesting.... to say the least

I saw two articles in the newspaper today… well one was an article and the other was an advertisement both appearing in todays Lankadeepa… the first one was in page three about a woman who had given birth to a child herself and then left it to die of starvation and the second one was an advertisement for a mongrel who had been lost; the owner was offering a reward for anyone who could find it… isn’t it a strange how a mother could not love a child as much as another person loves a dog?

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Dee said...

is it extremely weird. when i look at my doggie i suddenly get this rush of affection which amazes me. lol...she being hurt would be a nightmare for me cos she's just like a baby!

as for that woman who left her baby, well, you get what you give, and we seriously need some progressive sex-ed. sigh!