Friday, January 1, 2010

Dilemma of the suckling pig!

Every Christmas the family meets up at my cousins house and we have Christmas lunch together. And every year I take some item of food like a Double chocolate cheese cake from the Gallery or a roast leg of ham or turkey. This year I was wondering what I should take which would be interesting enough to elicit squeals of delight from all around.

I was face booking and came across a post added on the Chinese Dragon fans page about their Christmas Roasts. One item which piqued my interest immediately was the suckling pig. Now I have been fantasizing about eating suckling pig for many years. And yes I fantasize about food I can go through a menu and get the same kind of pleasure some men would get ogling the pages of Penthouse or Playboy. I had heard that the meat was succulent and mouth wateringly soft. Because a suckling pig is only fed its mother’s milk before its slaughtered at six weeks old. The price was reasonable and within my budget. So I ordered one and with great anticipation collected it and took it to my cousins house imagining all the hooing and the haiing which would take place as the people would tuck in feverishly into the delicious dish. The large tray was covered with a thick foil so I could not see what was under it.

But when the dish was opened what was heard was gasps of horror rather than the squeals of delight I had anticipated. Under the foil was the cutest dead pig you could have seen and everyone including me felt sorry to have been responsible for the death of such a lovely creature. The hostess refused to carve it and I think many of the people found the entire site a little bit revolting.

I had taken a picture of it on my mobile phone to put it up on here so you could see for yourself but sadly once more I had a virus attack on my memory card and it had to be formatted and I lost all the data. I have to ask for a pic from my niece till then I have put up a pic from the web for reference. Trust me when I tell you this its gorier than it looks. And I am a person who has a real strong stomach.

Putting on a brave face a few of us did take some bites out of it. Trust me it was not as wonderful as I had imagined it would be. In fact it was slightly sickening. In my mind I was hoping that I would take the remaining home and feast on it for a couple of days. But at the end of the meal I did not want to have a the remains of babe in my freezer or my memory. Guess I should have settled for a roast leg of pork instead. It would have been wiser and that much more cheaper!


I finally added the correct picture and now what you see is the poor little fella who lost his life thanks to my greediness.

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Dee said...

PAU CJ!?!! HOW can you eat that poor thing :( :( :( :'(