Monday, January 18, 2010

Shit or get off the pot?

What an illuminating line. This is what has been embedded in my memory after watching clerks I and II back to back on a nice Sunday afternoon.
For those who don’t know about Clerks I recommend it as a must see. It was a film which had everything which was considered which one should not have to make a hit and still managed to make over 3 million dollars in box office revenues. Nothing much you would say until you realize the budget for the film was only 27,000 dollars. Anyway the characters Silent Bob and Jay came from this movie. Yes it is quite old.

However that is not the main reason of this post but when I hear this phrase shit or get off the pot I realized that is what a lot of us do. We just sit on the pot and do what is known as “thatambanawayfying” and we are quite happy to complain and rave and rant without taking any actions about it. Or is that another word for being Sri Lankan. I for one have decided that 2010 will not be a year of s(h)itting pretty J

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