Sunday, January 31, 2010

An intutive insight...

I was making a presentation to some bankers the other day and afterwards we were talking about how some businessmen were making huge amounts of money. Beyond comprehension. For instance there was this true storu how one businessman bought a property in Colombo 3 and sold it for a profit of 85 million bucks the very next day... and of another who bought beach front property in the east for 10,000 a perch and sold it for 75,000 within one week. These gains are enormous. One of the bankers who were present made this interesting point. In general according to economic theory high returns means high risk. But in the current political climate this economic theory has evolved to high returns with very low risk for a lucky few. The main reason for this is Corruption! Because the laws of the land are pliant or as in certain cases do not apply to the favoured few; thereby giving them access to unlimited wealth beyond comprehension. Just think about it and you will realise how true it is.

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