Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Corrupt Democracy or Disciplined (yet cruel} dictatorship? What do I vote for? Do I really have a choice?

Till a few days back I was hoping to spoil my vote as I am of the opinion that neither of the two main contenders have the leadership qualities and skills which the country needs at the moment. But then after many insightful conversations I have concluded I should not spoil my vote. But this has given rise to a list of new anxieties.

On one side I am sick of the corruption which I see around me and the way the MR cronies are running around and sucking the country dry. As well as bullying people.

On the other hand I have been privy to some really horrible stories about SF. Where he has displayed absolute cruelty to those around him. Which includes rape and mutilation and physical brutality. All which is substantiated though which has been brought out now to sling mud at him. Add in the evidence that has been coming out regarding the Hi corp deals which has not been denied by the SF camp.

Other than for his promises I realize that there is nothing which would prevent him from becoming a dictator.

Of course having a dictatorship in these trying times is not a bad thing.

But would it be a benevolent dictatorship like one saw in Malaysia or Singapore. Where a majority of the people benefitted? Or would it be more like what one experienced in Uganda under the leadership of Idi-amin?

I was having a conversation yesterday where someone was asking me if I could remember the JVP times first people applauded when the criminals were removed and the kudu karayas were off the streets. But then after that they started attacking the common man. I don’t want to have it in my conscience that I too contributed to something of this nature. Today someone very intelligent and whose opinion I respect very much told me “Anything is better than the situation what we are experiencing now”

My question is, is it really?

I don’t have any answers but only more questions come to mind? Sometimes it is so hard to make a correct decision when you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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