Sunday, August 31, 2014

Words and Pictures - a slow yet good movie

"You ice cold bitch"he said
"You drunken art wrecking bastard" she answered
They glared into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity but it was just a few seconds.And then they laughed and kissed and became one once more.
Thus ended one of the nicer movies I have seen in the past few weeks. 
Sadly with an uninspiring title like "words and pictures" it will be passed over by most. The only reason I reached for it was because I like Juliette Binoche and there was nothing else to buy that day at the video store.
Its a slow movie -but then I like slow movies - about an alcoholic English teacher and an arthritic art teacher who end up in a little village college. And their battle to see if words or pictures are better. Hence the title.
I must declare it is not the most intriguing plot I have ever come across. But some of the scenes are beautifully shot; it has one or two absolutely lovely songs and you also happen to learn some interesting trivia regarding the English language. Like that good bye is actually a shorten form for God Bless you and that so long comes from salaam. Oh and it has some interesting paintings too. And it inspired me tap out this post in less than 20 minutes flat immediately after watching the movie and on my phone at that. Which is something I rarely do. Not bad for a movie which seems so uninspiring wouldn't you say? Below is one of the songs which really caught my attention


santhoshi said...

Sounds interesting must watch

Anonymous said...

I just saw it and loved it