Thursday, August 14, 2014

A little farm house in Carinthia

I plucked a peach from a tree in the garden and bit into its fresh juicy succulence. It was the first time I have eaten a peach which was not from a tin. As the flavours tantalised my tongue I looked around and absorbed my surroundings. I am in a quaint farmhouse in Worthersee; an alpine Lake in Carinthia Austria. 
The name of the farm
The wooden structure
It is as if I have been transported into the pages of a story book. The weather is nice and cool. There are fruits growing everywhere. Grapes, pears, apricots all you need to do is reach out and pluck them. Beautiful flowers are sprouting all over the place. 
The flowers that bloom are amazing
...even from the trees
The Gardens of the farm 
Everything is spotlessly clean including the roads. The farmhouse is a beautiful wooden structure and my hosts have given me a comfortable apartment to use for the next three nights. As all apartments in this part of Europe its tiny and compact but has everything one needs. And wow what a magnificent view of the lake from its balcony.
The view from my Balcony
My Tiny Balcony but it was cute
 I couldn't wait to open a bottle of wine sit on the balcony and sip it whilst admiring the view and ruminating on how wonderful the title of this post would be as a title of a book. And of course thanking the lord above for showing me a little bit of heaven on earth.

What an enjoyable glass of wine it was...

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