Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I stepped into odel the other day and was buying some food and was thoroughly impressed by the Odel Bottled water packaging which I saw. It was so beautifully done and encompassed all the values of what the odel brand stands for… I know a little bit about the manufacturing of PET bottles and know to do a unique shape such as this they would have to take a quite hard route which is also expensive as there are special moulds to be done etc.. But I believe it is all worth it in the end. I too paid 80 bucks (nearly triple the market price for a similar quantity of H20) and immediately bought a bottle of water because the design was sooo nice and I wanted to keep the bottle in the vehicle… but sadly it was hi jacked by my kids so I got to go to Odel and buy three more bottles of water so that everyone is happy in the family including the wife J

Who says great design does not pay… Hats off to Otara for how she always manages to maintain her high standards even when it is not her core business.

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