Sunday, February 21, 2010

Conspiracy Theories Cont…. Dialog Congestion

Have you noticed that we are experiencing lot more congestion than before on Dialog mobile phones? In fact call dropping and not being able to get through to someone is the rule rather than the exception. Even today being a Sunday I could not get a call to an SLT land line on my Dialog phone even though I was in Colombo. And one thing I am sure about is that the dialog network is excellent in the City. This had been happening for some time and finally a friend who had first hand information told me why. Apparently in a bid to cut down costs they are shutting down towers. Roughly one out of three towers are shut down for a period of time and that is the main reason why the network is suffering. Whilst low prices are great for the consumers if mobile phone companies have to resort to this kind of thing to keep their heads above water then it does not augur well for the industry in the long term.

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