Thursday, February 4, 2010

Views of Landa Houses my new home away from home

Bloody Elections. Made the entire week so unproductive. Just a two day work week and the entire team on holiday mode including clients. Thursday I am sitting at my desk with one more long weekend staring at me in the face. If I were to stay at home I would have driven my family mad because I need a constant dose of stress to maintain my equilibrium. I was looking for places to go and stay and someone mentioned this place. Fortunately I was sent a link to a blog which had reviews of some great and unusual places to stay. Landa Houses was rated highly by him and the pictures were great too. But the best news of all was that they had rooms free. I had checked a couple of places and not a single place was free. It was a spur of the moment decision which I am really glad I made. The place was better than what my expectations were. The architecture and the environment made me think that I was in maybe a place like Bawa’s Lunuganga from a design perspective I could have been spending the night in the Light House or Blue water (Both designed by Bawa for those who don’t know) but of course the food was better. There is a sweet little lady called Menike who makes great food and I loved every morsel of it. Of course it was totally Truly Sri Lankan food. Nothing western! Though she did make a fried rice and a kan kun which would have put the chef at Chinese Dragon to shame. What was amazing was that the place was reasonably priced. And they charged us 6300/- for full board double and the two kids were free of charge. They did not charge anything extra for the large mugs of extremely sweet tea I had and some fresh fruit juice. However it was a wonderful experience and I can truly say that we have finally found our home away from home.

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oh nice! got my eye on this for our next trip :)