Monday, February 15, 2010

Cartless in Cargills...

Well guess we all saw the advertisement which said 25% off for Sampath Bank credit card holders. But I did not bargain for all of them to head to Food City the same time I did. Well guess there is a very hungry bargain hunter inside all of us cos Food City Staples street was absolutely packed. I thought I was lucky enough to find a spot to park till I realized that was the least of my problems. Because when I went inside there were no shopping carts. Now I have been to this food city outlet for over 15 years but never have I seen a situation where the place the carts were kept absolutely empty. Infact people were waiting behind the teller and grabbing one the moment it was being unloaded. Some were intercepting the attendants while they returned from the parking areas and grabbing the carts off their hands. Fortunately I found someone who used to work at cargills and managed to use some influence to finally get a cart in my hands.
But I didn't buy a thing.
Because after going through all this trouble I realized that the lines at the two tellers allocated for the Sampath Bank card holders streched from one end of the super market to the other in fact blocking three aisles. It looked like I would have to wait twice as long to pay my bill than it would take to finish my shopping. True 25% was a great discount but no way was I going to waste my time even to save that much.
So I went to the Keels Super down the road and did my marketing in relative peace. Infact I thought it had a decent crowd considering the offers available next door.

This is the area where the super market trolleys are kept

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