Monday, August 22, 2011

What a mis-steak!

That's what I thought as I cut into the piece of old shoe leather and placed the first bite in my mouth.
The nice guy in me smiled and said "lovely" to my host who was looking intently for my approval. It seems that the dubious honor of "the worst steak I have ever eaten" goes to none other than the bayleaf Colombo. I had heard that the food here was not the best but I never expected it to be this bad. Specially when you had to pay 1600 bucks for it. Even the size of the piece of meat was paltry. Maybe the chef was having a bad day because the onion soup I had as my starter felt like water from the sink once the dirty dishes had been dunked in it. Infact I think that might have tasted better. Fortunately I did not have to pay for it.
Quite a difference to my experience at the German Restaurant the other day I must say. I have had good steaks at Echo, German Restaurant and Summer Garden.
However the best steak I have ever eaten was not at a big classy restaurant with qualified chefs but a small unassuming little hotel called "Hansa Surf" in Hikkaduwa. Made by a normal Sarong clad "Koki" I wonder if it was because they made it at nearly 12 midnight for me or because I was completely stoned out of my mind when I sampled it. It was absolutely heavenly. The memories of its juicy succulence still makes my mouth water. Hmmm now I am hungry.


Jack Point said...

Bayleaf is good for pizza but not much else.

I have tried that onion soup, someone sitting at the described it (in Sinhalese) "someone has put hot water into the seeni sambol" which was pretty apt I think

cj said...

You know Jack I cant stop laughing when I read the description of Seeni Sambol mixed with hot water cos it is so appropriate. Ty for sharing.

Angel said...

I'm not much of a fan of their pizza either, but they have this amazing (? deviled) pork appetizer that makes your tastebuds go oooomph! and your arteries go clang! but is sooooo worth it.

Dee said...

mm i agree. I think they have wonderful, WONderful locations (mews, bayleaf, commons), but the food is so sub-standard. :/ :( sad... For pizza, i'd say regina margharita tops it. oh yum yum :) Must try out the new dominoes though :)

Jack Point said...

Domino's? Domino's??? eeek Dee, pizza from a fast food chain is not pizza.

I am told that No.82 Barnes Place does a good pizza, at around 1000 for a large one. Try and see.

santhoshi said...

I agree with Dee they have such good location and always announcing new menus but the food is so not great.

I love reginna's pizza and pasta,, yummy.

PP said...

regina has increased their prices :( sucks.

have you tried the mixed grill at summer garden? delish!! and total value for money.