Monday, September 5, 2011

The Deelightful Stranger I knew so well.

It was like seeing a glittering diamond amongst a pile of coals when I walked into my clients office. That's how I felt when I spotted this beautiful graceful young lady for the first time many weeks ago. Roughly about two months back I think. Her head bent down intensely working on...... sending out some text messages. I asked my colleague "who’s that?" She told me "it is a new girl who has joined to work on the in-house magazine". "Makes me wish I was 20 years younger" I whispered back to her (partly) in jest.

And every time I went for meetings I used to notice her working quietly and intensely rarely looking up from her screen. I was intrigued by this strange creature. Not only did she remind me so much of my first crush a long long time ago but also (one out of two) of my favourite nieces. In my mind I had nicknamed her "lil miss innocence"

Cut to last week:

Me and my colleague was having a general chit chat with the clients team when I realized that "lil miss innocence" was walking towards us. I go up to her shove my hand out and say "hi I am cj"

We shake hands and she looks at me and says "you blog right?" For a moment I did not know what she meant. I tend to keep my offline life and online life in two separate compartments "I know you she said I am Dee"

I am generally a confident type who remains unfazed by surprises life throws at me. However at this moment I didn't know what hit me. I just turned into a big ball of blubber.

Not many people know about my blog and I had thought no one would ever connect the dots to me in real life. Of course I was being naive. There were at least five people who have done so in the past. As you know a few of the posts in here are quite personal and I really didn't want my clients and colleagues getting a peek into my inner turmoil so to speak. Fortunately none of the people who were there caught onto what we were talking about and no embarrassing questions like "oh what's your blog called" were asked. Of course I quickly said my goodbyes and escaped.

Later on I realized what an rude odd ball Dee would have thought I was for rushing away in that manner. And her post a few minutes later confirmed my hunch. Of course I immediately wrote a long note to her apologizing profusely and explaining my position. Am glad to say all is forgiven and I count on Dee as a friend now.

However words cannot express how overjoyed I was to get to know her. I have been a great fan of her blog reading it regularly. An ardent admirer of her art skills as well as an appreciative listener of her play list. There have been many a time I just log onto her page and keep the music running as I find it out of this world. Makes me wish she was a radio DJ.

Of course if she had not introduced herself I would have never made the connection. The deecee in the picture I had created in my mind was quite different, not so graceful and feminine and far more tomboyish.

I am thankful to fate for intervening and introducing her to me. If I had the choice of not getting to know Dee and not having my virtual life revealed I still would have chosen the alternate. Dee it was my absolute pleasure to meet you and I am glad I can now call you "my friend" my friend. But for the life of me I can't fathom what ever made you think that I have a handle bar moustache.


Delilah said...

lol. two sides to every story :)

Dee said...

Oh BOY. This is embarrasing.

Errm...thanks Ceej...I think :D

Well, that's a VERY sweet (albeit stalkery) post I must say. ;) :D

<3 !!