Monday, August 8, 2011

The White African American!

I know this may seem the ultimate Oxymoron. And also one might accuse me of being sensational in order to entice readers to delve further. But believe it or not my friends it is true. Not only did I have the privilege of meeting him but I had the honor of having a meal with him.

According Dr. Lionel Mandy, American Race laws created by the white supremacists dictate that you are considered an African American if one of your ancestors in the past five generation happen to be one. And there he is a white guy with a pony tail wearing John Lennon glasses looking me straight in the eye and telling me he is an African American.

I met Lionel completely by accident. Through RC whose opinions I really respect. She called me quite excited one day and said that I met this guy who is quite amazing and I think you should meet him too. Sadly the word “Amazing” does not do justice in describing the profound impact Lionel had on me.

Lionel is a professor in the University of California in the African Studies Department. But he has over 9 qualifications under his belt including a Doctorate in Meta Physics, a MBA as well as a degree in English literature. He was down in Sri Lanka for a period of nine months on a full bright scholarship as a lecturer to the University of Colombo. He is also a healer in his spare time and that is what gives him the most joy and a sense of purpose. Somehow once he stepped into Sri Lanka he has realized that this country is going to be his new home.

He has some amazing opinions and theories which he mesmerized me with for nearly two full hours when we met for the first time.

He introduced me to the theory of “Light Skin Advantage” by which he means that even in Dark skinned societies people with the lighter colored skin get preferential treatment over the others. I think this is quite evident in Sri Lanka. He also stated that one reason why most of us are feeling quite stressed and lacking in balance is because we are trying to fit ourselves into a culture and work life model which is alien, with values which were developed in the West. Where we are brainwashed to believe that if its Western (White) it is better. He also was telling me that a lot of stress ultimately comes out as weight around the tummy area and that’s how the word gut feel originated.

He did some healing work with me as well as my friend RC. The affect on her was amazing. She is buzzing with energy and success. In my case I feel a positive difference too but due to my religious beliefs I am still wondering if I did the right thing by getting a healer to do some work within me.

But even as I work through my confusion one thing is for sure he is one interesting character and I cant wait till I meet him once more again. And I am sure I will because according to Lionel “Nothing happens by chance and everything has a purpose”.


Jack Point said...

Just a suggestion, maybe he can help energise the Powerless of your previous post?

cj said...

Hi Jack you are right that was the first thing which came to my mind as well. But he told me that he cant help her cos deep down in her soul she doesn't want help. She feels that she deserves this pain as punishment for all the wrong decisions she took and for the stress she caused to her parents. It is a terrible and tragic situation.

sbarrkum said...

At the Grad school I attended in the there was a colored lady (natural dark blond hair) but African American features. She had a couple of sons (in their) 40's at that time who would visit her at work on an off.
I was quite pally with one son and would chat to him when he came around. One day I mentioned that we eat greens like Kale, Turnip green, spinach a lot (We used to make mallun from all of them). He replies, yes us colored people love greens. I am looking at him, blond pony tail, blue eyes, tanned (truck driver) and thinking I dont think you are quite what I have in mind when I think of people of color.
You also get the reverse affirmative action too. Got invited to a Turner (I think) Fellowship barbecue by a friend who wanted me to see "people of color" who were getting the scholarships. Blond blue eyes, well at least not much color. Turned out they were able to prove some great great grandmother or what ever was African american or Native American. That entitled them to be classified as "persson of color" and hence eligible for the scholarship.