Saturday, August 20, 2011

A new old favourite - rediscovering German Restaurant!

Technically it is “The Bavarian”

But since time immemorial it has been known as the German Restaurant to me and I guess to all the fellow foodies in town. I still have fond memories of eating my first pork knuckle there in 1989 and having beer with shots of schnapps. Many other German food joints have come and gone including Franfurtlavinia which I personally did not like though others thought differently. But the good old GR has become a landmark in the dining landscape of the city. Guess like all land marks it just stood still as time passed by. Even after 12 years the menu hadn’t changed though the prices had. Very soon the good old GR faded away from my list of regular dining options.

But recently I got an e-mailer which fortunately did not end up in my SPAM box; talking about a new menu with some beautifully shot pictures of food. The pictures were mouthwatering. So much so I rushed to the GR for a long Friday lunch with one of my buddies.

Oh how lovely it was to walk into that all too familiar cool dark embrace and take the first sip of an icey cold lion draft beer. The sensations which were washing over my body were incredible.

The experience only got better when they brought us the menu.

Firstly it was lovely to see that they had actually reinvented the menu as promised. Some of the old favourites were still on it but the new offerings sounded amazing. They also had a great lunch deal going. Soup main and dessert for just 1100/- all inclusive. And the choice was wide. The prices had been brought down by making the portions more manageable. In the good old days it was always too big. A main course was roughly 800/- which was a very good price. I had the sausage platter which is technically a starter along with wok fried vegetables and spicey rice and it was absolutely heavenly. It was one happy bunch of people who walked out that day. Guess the beers helped too. But we had a great time and it was roughly less than 1500/- per person with drinks. Which is excellent. Since then The Bavarian has been one of our regular lunch haunts. And so far we have never been disappointed. In fact I have shared this with many people and all of them too have been raving about the great experience they had. It seems the management of the GR has been taken over by a brother and sis duo and it was their decision to revamp it. And I am glad to see they are doing a wonderful job at it.


Jack Point said...

The GR was famous for its atmosphere. It was a lot better until they added more tables and light in the (mid-late) 1990's but it is still nice.

Must check it out sometime.

cj said...

Trust me you will not be disappointed. Everyone who has visited the place recently has been raving about the food.