Monday, August 8, 2011

Amazingly Delicious! Amazingly Cheap! Himsara - Kirula Road.

Three little words! Yes just three itsy bitsy tiny little words on Drama Queens FB wall - which will make me grateful to her for an eternity - saying “Himsara lunch rocks”. This in turn released a flood of pleasant memories of a drunken lazy Sunday evening at my friend Dinkys house where we were tucking into a pork curry from the same shop. With apologies to KFC now that curry my friends was finger licking good. After a little investigating I was delighted to realize that this shop was just a couple of hundred meters from where I work. And from that moment onwards all my lunch time woes were over.

You see I am what you would call a “Buth Gulla”. I would be quite happy to eat rice for all three meals and be quite contented with it. Though where I work is surrounded by all sorts of restaurants there was a dying need to find a place which sold a decent lunch packet that had red rice and enough spices to placate my taste buds. In other words what I needed was a truckers lunch instead of something served at these namby pamby restaurants such as sen saal and Tasty. Till I found Himsara I had to send someone all the way to Mihiri Buth kade in Borella for a decent lunch.

But now I am glad to say this little hotel serves up the most delicious lunch packets with lots of traditional vegetables. Not only is it hot, tasty and spicy but it is also amazingly cheap. For instance a fish packet is only a 100 bucks and a pork lunch with a generous serving of pork in it costs only 150/-

If you want to sample what they have to offer drive down “Kirula” Road (the road which the old asiri hospital is situated) from the Thimbirigasyaya end and it is the second shop on the left. But you better keep your eyes peeled because it is so easy to miss. There is another bigger and better Himsara outlet just a few hundred feel past Asiri but it does not serve pork but does have rice for dinner while the other shop has rice but no rice (other than fried rice) for dinner. Personally I prefer the smaller shop to the bigger one for no particular reason. Anyway all this writing about food has made me hungry yet again to sample the delights of Himsara. Its dinner time and I need my pork curry and rice. I know what I will do. I will get a portion of pork from the small shop and my good old Buth packet from the big one and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Sach said...

I started reading this while waiting for my pizza which was just ordered because I was too hungry to cook.

But damn, I curse myself for reading this now for I'm sure that pizza is going to taste like shit.

I WANT that rice and curry dammmit!