Monday, November 1, 2010

Racism at Liberty Plaza

"I rushed into Liberty Plaza to grab a quick bite… when I noticed some individuals smoking in the mini food court area..... I decided to light up as well but was flatly told by the security guard and the cashier of the food joint that "the management states that ONLY foreigners are permitted to smoke on the ground floor"......

This was the post I saw on facebook which left me fuming.

I cannot believe that the management of LP a place where I go to quite often would stoop so low. I wonder if anyone knows anyone else who has a similar experience. I just wish there was something I could do. Someone I could protest to? What is worse is that this is a semi government institution.

Of course for all we know it could be the LP management trying to protect locals from lung cancer (who gives a shit about foreigners) but I sincerely doubt it.


Dee said...

what. that's utter bullshit!! all rules should apply to one and all. ugh.

and why are u smoking!? its bad 4 your health and don't u want to be around for your daughter! rant rant rant.

ok done :D

cj said...

He he Dee thank you so much for your concern, this thing happened not to me but a friend of a friend on FB. My FB buddy reposted it on his status as he was outraged by this as I am. By the way smoking is one of my vices.

crystal flame said...

they don't wanna lose business from the foreigners? either way.. unacceptable.

dane said...

Locals should come before foreigners! I thought we established that back in 48.

Its not only in private places like LP. Go to the polonnaruwa museum, there is a toilet on the level where the exhibits are, but only for tourists.

When we visited once, I was with a relative of mine who was suffering from arthritis,and she was supposed to climb down a flight of steps to go to the toilet. We told the person there that my relative was unable to go down because of her condition, but the response was the same. In the end we decided to go to the rest house neat by.