Sunday, November 7, 2010

Of justice, retribution and the wave…

Well the book club met once more and had another enjoyable session which lasted for over five hours and no one realized the time pass. Actually calling it a book club is a misnomer because we were discussing a film from the 80s. A short movie called the wave about a teacher who carried out a unique experiment when his students asked him how the people of Germany stood without doing anything while the Nazis who were just 10% of the population committed the atrocities which shocked the world. He created a similar situation in the class room and the results were mind boggling because all the students began to behave like the very people they were ridiculing.

But this led to an interesting discussion and one of the points which surfaced was that did the Nazis (Germans) get just retribution from the Jews for all what they have done. According to conventional an eye for eye wisdom no they have not. But one of the participants brought out a completely new dimension. He said that the Germans were being punished in an indirect manner to this very day via Hollywood. As you know most of the big movie production houses in Hollywood are of Jewish origin and his point was every year there is always a couple of holocaust movies which equals Germans to Nazis. After reflecting on this for a while I realized that it’s absolutely true.Don't you agree?

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