Sunday, November 7, 2010

The best bookmark I have ever found!!!

Some say necessity is the mother of innovation. And most of the time that is correct but I just discovered that being lazy too could also help you to innovate. My wife and I were reading in bed and I asked her if she could give me something to use as a bookmark. Since she was feeling too lazy to get up or reach for some paper she just took off a hair clip which was on her head and put it into my book. Now of course she did this for a laugh but hell I suddenly realized I had just discovered the perfect bookmark. I read a lot of books and hate to dog ear pages. And have been frustrated about the choice of book marks available till now. The conventional card board ones fall out and the clip on types are kind of chubby so they obscure the reading surface. But the hair clip was perfect. It easily slipped in and was thin enough not to muck up your reading experience. And it is so cheap as well. Plus it has alternate uses. Who said being lazy was bad?


Dee said...

good idea!!

crystal flame said...

very neat idea. if one stops reading somewhere in the middle of a page, you could bookmark it near that particular line even.. ah huh!

Sarah Fisher said...

I've used bobby pins before, or clasps, or ribbons, or whatever I happened to find in my hair when reading in bed. Who wants to get up, when you've just made yourself nice and drowsey?