Thursday, October 28, 2010

Warning: Laughter Hazard - Be careful when reading.

Whoever said laughter was the best medicine had not read “Chilli Chicks & Heart Attacks” by Sanjaya Mendis. It can cause grievous bodily harm and trust me when I tell you I learnt it the hard way. First I nearly died through choking because I was trying to stifle the laughter which was threatening to break through. It was late into the night and I did not want to wake my wife up. But oh the book was too funny and I could not hold back and suddenly like a volcano erupting I was laughing my butt off in my bed and facing a very angry and disgruntled wife who was wondering why I was shrieking like a banshee? Fortunately her clout missed me as she was sleepy. But seriously guys this book is so funny it is not funny. It is about a young Sri Lankan Doctor who is interning in a hospital in Australia. Guess it is like a Sri Lankan version of Kumars at 41 and Carry on Doctor combined. Someone said Grays Anotomy but I have not seen it so I wouldn’t know if it was apt or not. Right from page one it takes you surfing through wave after wave of laughter. But amidst the pages of laughter there is a real intriguing story with bad guys and good guys and true love. In fact some of the situations at the end brought a tear to my eye. I am so glad to see that there are so many talented Sri Lankan writers. I recommend this book highly. But I must confess there is one blot in this beautiful picture. The inner pages are printed on such low quality paper that it’s virtually transparent resulting in letters of the previous page being partly visible. Which really messes up your reading experience. It is like trying to eat the most delicious rice and curry from one of those polythene bath sheets. What a shame but guess you can’t have everything.

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