Monday, November 1, 2010

Selfish and selfless - a true story

They were two sisters. Selfless was older. She had always been looking after selfish since they were kids, while their mom went bar hopping every night trying to drown her disillusionment of a broken marriage. Four decades after nothing has changed. Selfless still looks after her sister’s kids whilst she imitates her mother. Selfish steals her money steals stuff from her home scolds her like a criminal but selfless carries on patiently like a parent ignoring the tantrums of a badly brought up child.

One day Selfish had an medical emergency her lungs collapsed for some unknown reason. Fortunately selfless was close by. She carried her sister who was much larger and heavier than she was to her house which was 5 minutes away. She had a cylinder of oxygen for emergencies which she used on her sister and along brought her back to life by administering CPR. Yet, by the time selfish was taken to hospital and put on a ventilator she had been pronounced clinically dead twice. Selfless was tired and grief stricken. Her body was sore as her muscles had got strained by carrying her much heavier sister single handedly. She still does not know how she got the strength to do that. Yet she had to look after the off spring of selfish as well as go to hospital and check on her sister.

By the next day evening selfish came out of her coma and was taken off the ventilator. The first thing she did was to ask for a phone so she could communicate with all her boyfriends who had not noticed that she was missing. And of course she scolded her sister for being in pain whilst she was in hospital because there was so much to be done on her behalf now that she was indisposed. Selfless did not utter a word that the only reason she was in pain was because she had to carry selfish. Instead she smiled with Joy her sister was alive. Her life had purpose and meaning once more.


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