Sunday, November 14, 2010

The princess and the alarm clock.

The alarm clock screams in pain as it smashes its head against the glass pane of its surface. He sees the princess sleeping he wants to reach out and wrap his arms around her. To feel her warmth the softness of her skin. To smell her hair. But every time he reaches out the damned glass obstructs his way. All he can do is look at the princess lovingly. As she sleeps... her hair fanned around her like a halo. Like an angel he says to himself and wonders why he has been given a heart. Machines are not supposed to have feelings.He remembers the story about the tin man who wanted a heart and wondered if some higher power out there thought it was him by mistake. Cursing him with the gift of a heart making him feel and want and reach for what he could not have.
He is glad he can be near the princess to wake her up in the morning to watch as she falls asleep. The clock knows the princess finds the presence of the constant ticking in her life reassuring. He wallows in joy at that fact like a fish feeling happy and joyful because he can feel the rays of the sun shining on his body through the water oblivious to the fact that the only reason this is so is because the water is rapidly shrinking.

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