Monday, September 6, 2010

Souled out!

Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day that’s what I thought as I woke up Sunday Morning. I was in a good mood. Saturday night had gone well even though I had to have me and my wife groped and poke by a phalanx of sweaty security types from the Presidents Security Division. Even though the place was terribly cold. Even though we had to endure looking at donkeys who were actually GOLD fm DJs trying to act as compeers and groveling in front of the audience kissing the ass of the first lady and Duminda Silva.

Still it was worth it. To see the Supremes and Drifters in concert. Two mega bands on one stage for the first time in Sri Lanka. How could I not attend? Especially since I got two front row passes for free! He he working in ad industry certainly has its benefits. Life could not be better I thought to myself as I sat down and opened the morning papers and saw this article in the Sunday Leader. Oh what a shame I have been duped and taken for a sucker. These were not the real supremes but a tribute band. I went to the web site which was highlighted in the newspaper and it was all true they even had their appearance in Sri Lanka on their schedule. It made me wonder about the Drifters as well. What I found out was that the band that performed as the drifters were known better as Bob Washington’s Drifters. Though some articles about this band said Bob Washington was an original vocalist of the drifters his name did not appear on the list of names on the Drifters wiki page. In fact there is another band performing as the original drifters based out of UK.

The sad thing is that I really enjoyed the show. The Sounds of the Supremes as they should have been billed were good. Sadly though the sound balancing of the Supremes sucked and as someone had posted on his face book update the supremes were sounding like screeching peacocks. I found out later that this was because that the Supremes had brought down a sound engineer who didn’t take any advice from the local lads who knew the acoustics over here better and messed it all up. But still the singing was real and the voices out of this world.

But the treat was Bob Washington’s Drifters they were out of this world. Their voices were marvelous and it was a treat to watch them perform. There are not enough words to describe how wonderful it was. I searched all over youtube to try and get a clipping of them but had no luck in finding anything worthwhile.

I just wish the organizers had been honest with us right from the beginning about who was performing. Because even though they were not the real thing they were really really great. To discover later that they were tribute bands to me is as bad as discovering the beautiful lady you spent an amazing night with turnout to be actually a man.

This is the schedule of the Sounds of the Supremes I wonder if you can see that the BMICH date is accurately presented. Before coming to Sri Lanka they were performing at the Wisconsin State Fair. Makes you wonder how high caliber these artistes really are? Doesn't it?


Sigma Delta said...

It is indeed a pity that the organizers saw it fit to color the main acts 'pedigree', especially in the light of the fact that the two groups performed well. BTW, State Fairs in the US do feature top notch performers.

Hoot-a-Toot said...

My sis went to this said said it was great too. Pity I missed it

Solivagant Soul said...

I missed this as well... After I heard that the Bee Gee's tribute band was in SL and the performance was great, I lost all interest for all tribute bands. Sad they messed up the sounds, a concert like this should have done indoors, although there would have been problems in audience the quality of music would have been supperB...

I also heard the tribute band for Queen is also supposed to come, if they do and I get to know before hand, I'm definitely going!