Sunday, September 12, 2010

Foody Friday

Yeah! Ramazan! Another work day which feels more like a holiday and another perfect excuse to have a slap bang meal. We don’t have that many muslims in office but that does not prevent us from enjoying a good biriyani feed to celebrate Ramazan. Well I guess if non Christians can celebrate Christmas there is nothing wrong in us celebrating Ramazan. But my Friday had two food highlights which I wanted to share with you.


Magnificent Muffins….

As I walked into office I was greeted by a beautiful plate of muffins left for me by a friend. And of course everyone tucked into them with great enthusiasm. There was strawberry, chocolate chip and banana muffins and all of them were delicious. I wanted to take some pictures of them to share it with you. But I was so focused on consuming them by the time this thought came about there was nothing left. Fortunately I got my friend to send me some pics which he had taken and I am uploading them to show you what I had. By the way this is a new muffin place called Bibos (078 555 2426 if you like to sample some of their stuff) and they have a variety of other desserts as well. I was going through their menu and cannot wait to try some of the other stuff especially the cheese and bacon muffin for one… he he yes I did not read it wrongly they seriously have a cheese and bacon muffin. Well the moment I try more I shall keep everyone updated.

Brilliant Biriyani…

I always assumed that only Muslims were in the business of doing Biriyani Sawans. That was till I met Dihan the owner of a Restaurant cum catering service called Royaka in Pita kotte. He told me that he was also in the business of Savans and we decided to try his Savans out instead of ordering the Biriyani from the usual places such as Galle Cateres or Saifudeen of Slave Island. For those who don’t know it was Saifudeen who used to supply biriyani to the Hilton till recently. Anyway we were worried about this decision because somehow ordering Biriyani from a non muslim supplier made it seem as dull as chicken ham. But we were worried that the sanitary conditions at the usual places we order from. Even under normal conditions they were unsatisfactory and I would hate to think what it would be like on a day where the orders would be ten times than what they do usually. Also Dihan has been doing our office tea service for the past few weeks. And been doing a brilliant job of it. So even he was 50% more expensive we decided to place the order with him.

It was with great joy we realized that we had made the right decision when the food arrived. Firstly his Sawans were really big. And also the chicken was over roasted and tender and succulent. He had also given us a raita for the biriyani in addition to the normal accompaniments and it really added a lot of flavor and that extra oomph to the meal. All of us tucked in with relish and enjoyed every morsel. We had so much left over after more than 50 people had eaten to their hearts content we gave big parcels to all those who wanted to take some to their families. Even I brought some home and had it for dinner. Actually at dinnertime the biriyani was even tastier as it had absorbed all the flavor of the spices. Once again I completely forgot about taking a picture till I had finished eating. I did manage to get a friend to take a pic of the sawan through his phone but sadly the picture does not do justice to the food. Dihan can be contacted on 778965852 or 0759965852 if anyone is interested.

Sadly I think I ate a little too much and the next day was feeling awful at the gym as I tried to crawl through my work out. And I faithfully promised myself that I am going to go easy on the rich food but as I sit here typing this post on a beautiful Sunday morning with a nice crab curry sizzling on the stove I cant but help wonder when I am going to be eating that Biriyani again.

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