Thursday, September 23, 2010

First love…

Have you ever thought about your first love? The first girl you held in your arms and shared the magic of the very first kiss with?

Well that’s what I was doing a couple of days back whilst trying not to vomit as I watched the most obnoxious saccharinely sweet romantic movie I have seen in a long time. If you have not had the misfortune of seeing “Letters to Juliet” already may I suggest that you avoid it like the plague!

For those of you who does not know what the movie is about the story line can be found here. In a nutshell it is about a lady looking for her lover who she abandoned 50 years ago. However cheesy the movie was it had a certain fatal attraction for me and I must confess I watched it to the very end though some of the scenes were so sickeningly corny that it felt like someone was pricking needles into your eyes. Anyway the plot made me go back in time…

KS and I were both taking part in the Interschool Shakespeare competition for our respective schools and both schools were being trained by the same Drama coach. I was smitten the moment I saw her at our first joint rehearsal. I was young and shy and really did not know anything about wooing a person of the opposite sex. But I think she did like me because we were both on the same wave length. I can remember going to see her as she waited to take the bus home after school. I still can’t believe how I actually summoned the guts to ask her out to meet me at a restaurant and ask her if she would be my girl over a bottle of ice cold portello. I still remember going to a party down kawdana road and seeing her looking beautiful in a red dress. And then dancing… holding her close as the music slowed and the lights grew darker and then exchanging the very first kiss. Wooow it was magic.

But that was the first and last kiss we ever shared.

She was a brutally honest and upfront type and was straight forward enough to tell me straight that she really did not love me but only liked me. Maybe she thought her little diversion to while away the time was getting a little too serious for her own good. Maybe the letter I sent professing my true love was a little too manic. Or it could be that her parents actually found one of the letters I sent her though I really think it was just an excuse she created to legitimize our parting. I am still grateful to her for kicking me gently.

Sometimes I wonder what she is doing now. Unlike the other females who were in and out of my life our paths have never crossed. I must confess I even tried to search for her on Face Book with no luck. KS where ever you are you will be fondly remembered and cherished and I do hope one day fate will bring us together just so I can see you and know you have grown to be the wonderful person I imagined you to be.


crystal flame said...

as corny as it may seem, you gotta admit it was cute. It makes you smile. and totally made me want to go to Siena. very sweet personal first love story there..

Anonymous said...


Although I'm married to my first love, I had some crushes from teen years and didn't have courage to express my feelings to them.

Anyway I know how you feel and some people once parted.. they never met again.

Killjoy? it's the third time in this week.. Sorry my friend!

Seesaw said...

I have that movie with me, waiting to watch it! It does seem ext. corny, but I love the backdrop so gonna watch it.

And first loves- they make memories that much more sweeter don't they :-)

Lady divine said...


I'm reading your blog after a long time..:)

Made me think of my first kiss too!! :)

and everything happens for a reason. I'm glad some things in my past didn't make it to my future..:)

Haven't watched the movie yet though. I'm in the mood for comedy. Enjoyed watching Grown Ups. watched it? Adam Sandler.

Solivagant Soul said...

Hmm... Sounds nice... I guess it's these little memories that make the past worth it huh?

Although my first kiss wasn't as grand as I wanted it to be, the first kiss of my last romance was perfect even though we were in the middle of a pineapple estate. lol...

Delilah said...

i agree. letters to juliet was cheesy as hell. couldnt hold my attention on a 15 hour flight where i had no other distractions. but i watched it between waking and dozing right till the end for the love of scenery and amanda seyfried :)

as for your KS, how sweet. funnily i've dumped a guy telling him the same and when he persisted i told him my parents were furious after finding one of his letters. that did it. i was 15.

Sarah Fisher said...

My first kiss was not my first love. But my first love was unforgetable. I was July 1988. His crowd met mine at the county fair, and with a smirk, he demanded, "Where have you been all my life?" (He was 19.) "Right here, I replied." As my soul sung," I have been missing you all this time here on Earth, and am so glad to meet you again, soulmate!" (I was 17.)

It was bliss until he broke up with me on Christmas Day 1990. With no better explanation than that I deserved better than he. And that there was another, older woman who needed him more.

Some first loves are meant to be found again, but I think, most are not.

Lisa Lee said...

My First Love mmm so darn cute and he wanted to marry me...makes me smile thinking about him strangely I tried to find him on fb too but can't maybe one day I will ..but then again however much you try I do believe what was can never really be...not in the same way anyway...trying just spoils the magic of what was...the reason is time changes us all, environments and everything around us changes trying to re-capture our feelings and innocence of our teen years isnt possible...since we too have grown and been through winds and storms, so wishful thinking (though nice) can never be the same...and lest we try we will soon find that what we hold as a beautiful memory will (I feel) be quite spoilt sooner or later. Maybe not at first but soon enough. I like to maybe meet and chit chat but never try to recapture what could have been...but the movie I liked ...hopeless romantic that I am :)