Sunday, September 19, 2010

An anticlimax of the fishy kind...

It was a beautiful morning we woke up to at Governor's camp Yala. And we were sitting and enjoying our morning tea and the bird calls and looking forward to the breakfast we had ordered of stringhoppers sambol and fish curry. The bungalow keeper was having problems in starting his trishaw and he said he wanted us to go bring the fish for breakfast.
The moment my cousin and I heard that we exchanged looks of absolute bliss because we love fresh fish. Images came to our mind of the trishaw driving into the kirinda harbor and the fresh catch of the day coming out of the boats and being laid out on the ground. Our taste buds were palpitating with excitement waiting for the moment the taste of fresh fish curry touched our mouths. All that was missing was a majestic music track to the vivid and beautiful scenes which were going through our minds. I must say they would have been worthy of being displayed on Discovery Travel and Living.
And then he spoils it all by saying the fish has been stored in a Freezer in the junction.

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