Saturday, September 25, 2010

The amazing house

The book club has now evolved to a discussion group and this time it was hosted by AC and MS at their beautiful house in Sri Jayawardenapura near the hospital. The moment I stepped in I felt I had been teleported inside the pages of one of the coffee table books which feature works of architects. I could see that a lot of care had gone into each piece which adorned the house. For instance there was a table made out of an ornate door from the first parliament. Floor boards from an old church (they were tiling the place) and some beautiful antique bo leafs used as lamp shades. It was just wonderful to spend an evening immersed in this atmosphere. I did take some pics with my camera phone and putting them up here but it was dark and the pictures does not do it any justice. I could so get used to living in a place like that.

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