Sunday, September 19, 2010

My own love song... A movie I liked

Some movies make you cry whilst others make you laugh or just feel lovey dovey. And certain movies make you want to get stoned. At least for me. Basquiat was one such movie and natural born killers. Well "My own love song" cannot be described as a powerful movie like natural born killers it was pretty plain and down to earth and has a simple story line. But it still made me want to role one and smoke up and just chill.
This was a movie I picked up completely by accident when I was looking for some weekend entertainment. Actually what caught my eye was that the music was done by Bob Dylan and there was Rene zellewegger. Well I am not going to be giving you the whole plot of the movie cos you can easily find it elsewhere on the net. But just say I never new Rene Zelwegger could sing. She does a version of "this land is my land" which left me speechless. And then there is a scene with Nick Nolte talking with some weired drum beats in the background and everyone is buzzed out after eating hash cake. I am still trying to figure out how to rip it and post on here. Guess I will figure it out in due course. But till then I am mulling over how long it has been since I got stoned. Joint anyone?

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