Sunday, June 20, 2010

The myth of the paragon of virtue!!!

Ohh how stupid I feel as I tap away these words. I was having a drink with a friend at Machang on Friday night and as we were talking I was speaking about a female friend of mine TC. I have known her for many years and was telling me what a god fearing virtuous god fearing straight laced lady she was. Till my friend smirked and told me but she was responsible for the break up of the marriage of RY! No way I said no bloody way. And just to make sure I called another colleague and told him that my friend who I was drinking with was making false allegations against TC and to prove him wrong. But someone could have kicked me in the gut when I realized it was me who was wrong. In fact she has been having a relationship with this guy for over ten years which ultimately led to him leaving his wife and kids.
Now please don't get me wrong. I am no prude and I believe everyone is entitled to do what they do. Even if it means having some fun on the side. Its not that I have not strayed. And I have female friends who have multiple partners which doesn't bother me a bit. Having said so on a personal level I don't like kids loosing parents even if the parents marriage is rocky. I firmly believe that a child needs both parents under one roof to be brought up properly. And if we brought them into the world then we have a responsibility to bring them up properly. But I think what really shook me was how I - someone who prides in being able to see through people - could have been so wrong!!!
And how I had harbored this imaginary perception of my friend. Does it also mean that I was the good friend I professed to be if I did not see what was going on in her life? But one things for sure this will not change my love, respect and affection for her.


Dee said...

dunno y ppl get married in the first place, or have kids when emotionally attached to another.

Scrumps said...

I don't think you're always going to have a 100% success rate on how well you see people. And besides - people change. How you saw someone at the very beginning could be different to the way they are now and you might not realise.