Thursday, June 17, 2010

A sad sad situation.

The daughter of the guy who is our office tuk tuk driver died all of a sudden. She had gone through a terrible battle with cancer before but at the time of her death she was healed for over a year and the doctors had given her a clean bill of health when she collapsed all of a sudden after rupturing a blood vessel.
This happened in Nonagama, Hambantota the heart of the action where the modern miracle of Asia is taking place. But for these bereaved parents it was still the undeveloped backwoods of the past. They had to have an autopsy performed on their daughter but there were no doctors to do so. In fact there was only one doctor for the whole area who can conduct and official autopsy. And he does not work weekends. However much begging and pleading had fallen on deaf ears and even speaking to a deputy minister had not worked. They had a choice of taking the body to the hospital in Tangalle but they don't work Sunday. And they did not have the money to take the daughters body all the way to Matara. They had no choice but to wait for the weekend to be over. I am really saddened by what these people had to face. They have no influence and because of that they have to face the full force of our governments lethargic bureaucracy. Imagine if this person was a Muslim who had to be buried in. 24 hours what would have the families plight been? I don't have any answers only questions?

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Dee said...

I-n-f-l-u-e-n-c-e. Gets you everywhere in SL. Sad for the family tho :(