Friday, July 2, 2010

The Greek restauranteer and his catch 22 situation.

I was enjoying a crab feast with friends under the poson full moon and was talking to a greek businessman who was planning on starting a restaurant here. It was lovely to listen to him express himself. It was as good as watching a theatre performance. He was entertaining us with some of the absurd situations he had faced in starting a business one which is worth a mention. Well he went to get BOI approval and he was told that he had to have 50,000 dollars in a local bank account to get boi status. And when he went to the bank to open the account he was told that he cannot open an account WITHOUT the approval of BOI. Now isnt that a terrible situation to be in? I pity that poor man.

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Dee said...

oh MAN.

was he hot?

ok...scratch that.