Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dancing Disaster!!!!

For some strange reason I cannot help but hum “Dancing with tears in my eyes” while I type this post though it has nothing to do with me dancing and crying at the same time. However it was more a case of being driven to tears by looking at some young girls trying quite unsuccessfully to imitate the dancers we see on the T20 matches. Actually first I thought it was humorous but after a few minutes it was no longer funny. In fact it was downright embarrassing. Not only for the dancers but for those who had to watch it. They did not have any clue about the basics of dancing or even the ability to move their body to a beat. Forget about moving in Unison. In fact all I felt was sadness like looking at a poor mother having to turn to prostitution to feed her children. I think it was beyond the budget of the organizers of this event to hire professional dancers so they just dressed up some kids who wanted to make a few bucks gave them some pom-poms and made them (badly) performing monkeys. It was sad that young people were asked to do things which were way beyond their ability. And I for one actually felt quite insulted in having to watch this “Nadagama”

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