Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phone Images from Yala

Was lucky to see the tusker up close when we least expected it. Believe it or not we had gone to the main entrance in the afternoon to buy some Bombay Onions and on the way back this majestic beast was lounging about virtually right at the entrance of the park.

When we had stopped to admire the tusker we saw three army soldiers in an open tractor coming towards us. However they saw us and stopped the tractor to enable us to admire the elephant without interruption. We were full of gratitude and praise for these soldiers and thanked them profusely when we were leaving. The responded with slightly embarrassed smiles which we thought was kind of strange. But we really did not give it any thought at that time.

However one of my friends who had left his camera behind in the bungalow - which was just a couple of minutes away - wanted to come back and take some more pics of the elephant. When we came back we saw that the tractor with the soldiers had not moved. It was only then we realized that it was out of fear that these soldiers had stopped not out of kindness and concern. We actually saw one soldier cocking his gun just in case the elephant got aggressive. I hate to imagine what would have happened if the elephant mock charged the soldiers and they fired on it by fright.

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