Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A well timed funeral

All humans are capable of love. Even the worst criminal can be moved to tears when confronted with the news of the demise of someone close to him. And it was such a situation which caught my attention when I heard that the mother of MP (Merv the Perv) had gone to be with her maker. Of course when the news started circulating there were many jokes that so many people had been cursing the source of MPs birth that it had kind of fast tracked her way to beyond. Personally I don’t think it’s a good joke. I doubt she would have thought her offspring would have turned out to be what he is in the wildest dreams. Loved by the bad and hated by the rest. She was described as a grand old lady by someone I was chatting to at the gym. But I can’t help but wonder what a well timed PR coup that fate delivered straight into MPs hand. Quite similar to the bomb which injured Chandrika on the eve of the presidential election.
On Sunday morning I was aghast (though I shouldn’t have been) when I read the property scams he was behind in the Sunday Leader. But then when I was driving around I saw all the banners put up with the pictures of his late mom (and of course mentioning his name prominently) I could not help but feel sorry for him. Even though he had my sympathy I had a lingering doubt that this could be a fool proof opportunity to circumvent the election laws and have his name up in banners without having the police cut them down. And this doubt was further strengthened when I opened the newspapers on Monday morning to see a full page advertisement of him kissing the corpse of his mom.

Gosh this made me shudder. Using your own dead mom as election propaganda. How low can one stoop to? But then isn’t it true that some people would sell even their mother to come into power or in this case stay in power.

The sad reality is that this kind of cheap publicity will go down well with the majority of the voting public of his electorate. And actually would help to soften his image. I am holding my breath to see if this would help him to get more than 2500 votes this time around. I sincerely hope not.


Anonymous said...

Don't Christians use the death of Jesus Christ as part of their propaganda? What's the difference really.

Dee said...

Anon - its not propaganda but just to make you think about how he suffered, and to be better ppl right? At least that's what I know...not a christian anyway.

CJ - he is a piece of sh**. I was told by one of his neighbors that he's broken a gate of a vacant land near park road to keep tables, chairs to feed his supporter. 'drinks' included.

cj said...

Hi Anon. Actually the Christians use the resurrection of Jesus Christ rather than the death and of course JC is not my mother though its pretty close to cj is it not??? But I see your point of view and appreciate it. Dee you are so right there are some other unsavory facts about him I would like to write but I don't want to due to security reasons.