Sunday, April 25, 2010

His Masters Villain - How low can one stoop?

Remember the old record label His Masters Voice? This is what came to my mind as I nearly threwup my breakfast when I opened The Sunday times this morning and saw the picture of merv the perv sitting at the feet of the president.

Virtually licking his feet. Like a pet dog. Or should it be a guard dog? A guard dog who is only faithful to the hands that feed him. And I could not help but think what an appropriate metaphor it was. My mind went back many years back to the era of Premadasa where minister A. J Ranasinghe proclaimed that he would drink soup made out of the slippers of the president. But then if you are an absolute moron with nothing tangible to offer but want to be in power to carry on with your nefarious activities guess you have to resort to this kind of public displays of servitude.
It is not the grovelling behaviour which dissapoints me. I cannot expect anything more from some one like him. But the biggest dissapointment is of the leadership who silently encourages this kind of behaviour by doing nothing. about it.

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crystal flame said...

ha ha seriously... oh dear!